Marketing A Business

The 1 , 2, 3 process.

Develop A Business Profile

Subsequent to a listing agreement, your agent will gather important information that would help a prospective buyer understand your business. All this information is then compiled, along with a written summary of your business and financial analysis, in a business profile document, depending on the confidentiality parameters agreed upon. This document, in many cases, will usually provide a buyer sufficient information to make an offer.

Define the potential buyer

In some cases, the buyer for your business has already been identified. The approach to selling a business to specific buyers such as the above, must consider a strategy that will maximize the return to the seller. Contracting a professional agent to accomplish this goal is as important as in the situation where a potential buyer is not identified.

Seek out the buyer

A marketing strategy is proposed by Ace Business Ventures Inc and approved by the seller.

Generate offers

One of the functions of an agent is to screen and qualify potential buyers and to apply the confidentiality parameters that have been agreed upon. As the agent knows the sellers situation, he will work with the buyer to objectively structure an offer that meets the requirements of both parties. The offers will be presented to the seller under the rules of common law agency and if necessary, a counter-offer can be developed with the agent's assistance once the letter of intent or the offer has been accepted. The job of Ace Business Ventures Inc. is not yet completed as deals can terminate at any stage of the negotiation. We will be closely involved until closing day to ensure that the transaction progresses to a final positive outcome.

Terms of deal considerations:

Vendor financing, guarantees and warranties, non-competition agreements , management contracts. Determining business value is a subjective concept that utilizes both real data and professional judgment.