Buying and Selling of businesses with a business broker

Why Ace Business Ventures Inc?

Why contact Ace Business Venture Inc. (ABVI) if you are considering selling your business now or in the future?

The difference in choosing ABVI over other business brokers is the access to the Value Builder System TM (VB) that is immediately yours when you contact Ace Cetinski CPA CA MBA at 780-686-2651.

As the name Implies, (VB) is an international programme that assesses where your business stands compared to a database of 70,000 businesses in the free world.

From the initial assessment, the VB Programme involves increasing the value of your business not concentrating as much on your bottom line profit but instead on the mulitple applied to your profits which ultimately results in the final selling price of your business.

To take advange of the Value Builder TM Programme, Initially choose the 1st 2 options beloww:

 Free   $99/mo   299/mo 
Annual Value Builder Score  X  X  X 
Annual prescore  X  X  X 
Quarterly Webinar on Building Company Value   X  X  X 
Monthly Articles on building Company Value  X  X  X 
Weekly Built to Sell Radio Podcast  X  X  X 
8 Drivers of Value Video Series  X  X  X 
Built to Sell Implementation Guide  X  X  X 
9 Subscription Models White Paper  X  X  X 
Online Access to the Value Builder System TM  X  X 
1 on 1 Coaching Value Builder System TM  X 

What is business Brokerage all about?

While you gain Business Value using the above programme, we can at the same time discuss the 12 point strategy required to sell your business. This would include the following:

  1. Discussions to get to know the company and its operations.
  2. Review of your Financial reporting system.
  3. Review of your Financial statements.
  4. Discussing confidential matters.
  5. Establishing A Selling Price (discuss with Ace)
  6. Preparing "No Name" Marketing information Page
  7. Preparing full disclosure marketing information that would only be presented to qualified buyers.
  8. Establish who qualifies as a qualified buyer.
  9. Negotiating with buyer/seller and obtaining a letter of intent (LOI) which basically is a non-legal offer.
  10. Arranging meeting with buyer/seller to finalise The (LOI).
  11. Assisting with due diligence by the buyer.
  12. Finalising the sale of the Business.


To summarise the selling of a business could take 6 months to 1 year. During that time, the seller can use that time to concentrate on increasing the value of the business via The Value Builder System TM to either strengthen or increase the selling price now or in the future sales inititative.

Contact Ace Business Ventures Inc. today to find out why Ace Cetinski is the business broker to go to, buy or sell a business in Edmonton Alberta.